Wilfred Newman starts with an eye for quality that's rare in the modern world. Our clothes are testaments to the old values of thought and craftsmanship. We take an artisan's care in every element of what we make, because we know that well-made clothes are a tradition worth preserving.

Making clothing that is ready for the contemporary world takes a contemporary eye, a sense of style that goes beyond fashion and into art, music, travel, and sport. Our clothes are cut slim and sleek, with deft styling that sets them subtly apart from the crowd. 

Our sense of style makes us uniquely suited to help you find yours. Whether you feel comfortable in a solid navy plain weave, bold patterned windowpane, or a subtle textured fabric, Wilfred Newman can help you carve out your individual style. That personal attention is another throwback to the days of the master tailor, the expert who knew that a well-fitting suit fit not just the body, but the personality. For the triumphs and the trials, and for all of life's achievements, Wilfred Newman offers the style and confidence that comes with wearing clothes that fit in every way that matters.

The Wilfred Newman showroom is located in Chicago, IL at the corner of Franklin St. and Chicago Ave. The space is the perfect environment to relax, browse fabrics and be fitted for your custom garments. Private group fittings are available for those looking to host a corporate event or wedding party. For inquiries info@wilfrednewman.com
Wilfred Newman
408 N. Wells St. 
Chicago, IL 60654